Hardwood Decking With Proven Low Maintenance

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Are you looking for a deck you can have installed and never have to maintain?  During your search for this “perfect” maintenance free decking, you have probably become very familiar with composite decking, PVC decking, plastic, recycled, fiber, etc.; hearing each company claim theirs is the most maintenance free.  Low maintenance may be the truth […]

Time to Clean your Deck

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Unless your deck has never been exposed to the elements or had anyone set foot on it, sooner or later it will need to be cleaned.  This is true of any decking material, whether it be PVC, composite, pressure treated, domestic wood or exotic hardwood.  Just think of how your car would look like if […]

Very Low Maintenance Decking

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There seems to be a big misconception that the only options for minimal maintenance decking are composites and PVCs.  KAYU Batu (Red Balau) is not only one of the easiest decking materials available to maintain, it will also outlast most of the big name composite and PVC decking brands.  Simply sweep as needed, gently pressure […]

KAYU Hardwood vs. Composite Decking

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There are many reasons why KAYU Hardwood Decking is a superior choice to composite decking for your new outdoor living space. This article describes just a few reasons why making the choice between a beautiful KAYU Hardwood Deck and a synthetic deck is much easier than you may have previously thought. Composite Decking is Not […]

Cleaning and Staining Your New KAYU Hardwood Deck

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Your beautiful new KAYU deck has just been installed and now it’s time for you to learn how to sustain its beauty. Like most things outdoor, your deck will be exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, snow and humidity. With just a few easy steps you can keep your deck looking immaculate for many […]

Sustainable Forest Management

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The earth is 70% water and 30% land. Tropical rainforest covers 7% of the world’s landmass, representing 1.7% of the earth’s surface. The tropical rainforest contains more than half the flora and fauna in the world and is an important factor in the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen. But tropical rainforest is not alone […]

Tongue & Groove Flooring Installation Recommendations

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Properly installing your new KAYU tongue and groove flooring is extremely crucial for long lasting performance. Sealing Be mindful of excess moisture in the air.  KAYU Batu and KAYU Dark Red Meranti (commonly referred to as Mahogany) T&G are kiln dried but can still absorb moisture. When using your KAYU T&G for exterior porches is […]