KAYU®  Deck Tiles

100% Hardwood Deck Tiles are available in KAYU® Mahogany, KAYU® Batu, or KAYU® Teak

Is your space and time limited but you want a beautiful wood deck?  KAYU®  Deck Tiles are the perfect solution for DIY homeowners, contractors, architects, apartment renters and condo owners. They provide a way to create or renovate a new semi-permanent space.

Build a beautiful new deck in hours

KAYU®  Deck Tiles are your answer to instantly transpire your space into  a warm, beautiful outdoor / Indoor living environment.  Available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Removable – Movable – Reusable

The Tiles can be quickly and easily installed, eliminating expensive construction cost. Installed over any ground with a relatively flat surface. KAYU® Deck Tiles don’t require any nails, glues, hammers, special tools or skills – they just interlock together. Just like that!  The Tiles can be installed in a straight direction or turned to create any pattern creating a warm and unique living space.  Able to withstand the rigors of harsh climates from the desert, tropical to frozen winters, making them a perfect choice.

Imagine it! Done!

KAYU® Deck Tiles are 100% natural wood tiles, inexpensive, and easy-to-install. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Balconies
  • Gardens
  • Porches
  • Roof tops
  • Around pools, spas and hot tubs
  • In sunrooms, pergolas and gazebos
  • Over old concrete, asphalt or brick patios
  • Walkways and hallways
  • Homes, apartments and businesses
  • Garage floors and Utility rooms
  • Did we say DIY?  YES!


Easy to install – build hardwood flooring in just minutes.

KAYU® hardwood deck tiles have an interlocking design base for easy “Do-It-Yourself” installation, using the DeckWise® Deck Tile System. Attach tiles together with no tools required.  No messy glue, nails, or staples. Perfect match and precision spacing between every tile, every time, guaranteed. They are ready to use right out of the box.


Low cost – create a custom hardwood floor without spending a fortune, enhancing the look of your deck and patio is affordable. No expensive contractors, DIY with KAYU® Deck Tiles interlocking deck tiles.


Just about anywhere – Perfect for porches, patios, around the pool and spa. Revitalize a tired concrete slab or spruce up an old wood deck.  KAYU®  deck tiles install best on hard surfaces (i.e., concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.), but can also be installed on semi-hard surfaces, such as lawn or dirt. Bring the deck tiles inside to create a warm hall way or sun room.


Earth friendly hardwood – At KAYU ®  We do green. If you are looking for 100% legal, 100% Lacey Act compliant and selectively logged, sustainable hardwood, look no further than KAYU ®  International.  At KAYU International, we are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council standard and control (FSC).


Easy to maintain – Insect, fire, temperature and weather resistant. We recommend that KAYU®  Deck Tiles are coated with a good quality hardwood decking oil at appropriate intervals to maintain their rich color and durability. Like all wood products, routine long term maintenance is ideal to maintain color richness. Or if preferred, tiles can be left natural to a soft silver-grey. Remaining smooth and splinter free. Periodically power washing is advised.


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