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Deck Tiles - Outdoor Decks

Deck Tiles – Outdoor Decks

KAYU ® Deck Tiles

Kayu International, Inc. with 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking.

Kayu buys direct from the source in SE Asia, we specialize in providing custom patterns and sizes at the best prices and delivered to you.  Call us or email use for a quote.

What should be known About Deck Tiles?

Your deck has seen some better days, right? Are you not sure about a complete replacement or a new deck? If your answer is Yes, then Kayu hardwood deck tiles would just be the answer for you. These are the decking products which are attractive while being efficient and economical. You can cover your decks and any other surface to upgrade, enhance or change their looks. In addition, you can also extent their longevity to a greater extent. What are you waiting for? Read the full article to know more about the deck tiles …

Where can you use the Deck Tiles?

Literally, you can use the deck tiles over any solid and flat surfaces. These can be around the:

  • Hot Tubs
  • Pools
  • Courtyards
  • Balconies
  • Roof Tops
  • Garden Paths
  • Boat Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Sun Rooms
  • Sauna Floors
  • Gardens
  • Apartments
  • Hallways
  • Walkways
  • Garages
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Jacuzzi

If you are wondering whether you can really use the deck tiles for outdoors, the answer is ‘yes’. The deck tiles are being made for outdoor purposes also. These hardwood decking products are made from aged hardwoods which will contain a polypropylene grid underneath. This grid is having the capability to withstand extreme temperatures and varying climatic conditions. Hence, you need not have any doubt on using the deck tiles for your outdoor purposes.

Putting Deck Tiles over a Worn Wood Deck:

Many of you will have this important question in your minds. It is quite natural for you to think whether the deck tiles can be used to cover the existing wood deck that is worn out. As your Kayu deck tiles are made using the eco-friendly and rot-resistant materials, you need not worry about replacing your worn out deck with new deck tiles. And, I would say that this is a great way for getting the look of new deck without spending more bucks from your pocket. However, I would suggest you to make sure that the structure as well as the supporting framework is sound enough in a structural point of view.

Installing Your Deck Tiles:

The Kayu deck tiles are being built by taking ‘easy installation’ into account. Any average do-it-yourselfer can be able to install the deck tiles within the square or rectangular shaped surfaces. Unless and until your target surface is regular, there will no problem in your installation process. If your site is irregularly shaped or containing any curved edges, some problems might arise as your deck tiles are stronger and are not easy to cut them for fitting your arcs or nooks.

Advantages of Deck Tiles:

The deck tiles are carrying various advantages with them. They are:

  • You can be able to install your deck tiles within few hours, if you are already having an existing concrete pad.
  • With deck tiles, you need not require any screws or adhesives. You will just need the pre-spaced corner connectors that are sold with your tiles.
  • Deck tiles are available in various designs and you can choose one based on your preferences.
  • The deck tiles are easy to maintain. They would just require the occasional sweeping all through the year.

Thus, the deck tiles have several benefits underlying with them and these will be a good option for anyone who is looking for an exotic decking renovation!


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