Spanning Your KAYU Hardwood Decking

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Now that you have purchased your premium, KAYU Hardwood Deck it is time to think about installation. Your decking span has a huge impact on the overall feel of your deck. Improperly spanning your deck can result in a springy, soft deck which will affect the feel, longevity and safety of your deck. Most species […]

KAYU Hardwood vs. Composite Decking

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There are many reasons why KAYU Hardwood Decking is a superior choice to composite decking for your new outdoor living space. This article describes just a few reasons why making the choice between a beautiful KAYU Hardwood Deck and a synthetic deck is much easier than you may have previously thought. Composite Decking is Not […]

Cleaning and Staining Your New KAYU Hardwood Deck

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Your beautiful new KAYU deck has just been installed and now it’s time for you to learn how to sustain its beauty. Like most things outdoor, your deck will be exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, snow and humidity. With just a few easy steps you can keep your deck looking immaculate for many […]